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Foot Update and Runner's Envy

I went to the podiatrist yesterday to get my right foot checked out. As soon as I made the appointment, my foot started feeling a little bit better. Of course! I decided to go in anyway to get an x-ray, make sure nothing was fractured and to get checked for tendonitis. Based on where I was feeling pain, the doc dismissed tendonitis right away. After the x-ray came back, he said there was no sign of any major stress fracture. His diagnosis was that I sprained the bottom side bone of my foot. I had no idea that was even possible! I remember pretty distinctly knowing something happened around mile 22, but now it is so hard for me to remember what the pain felt like. He wrapped my foot in basically an attached orthotic that I need to keep on for 3-4 days. I didn't get a timeline for when I can workout again, but I am thinking next week looks good for at least some tennis and maybe biking.

My lovely orthotic

The pain is right below the white tape

I live across the street from a big park so every morning I see lots of runners out and about. Today was the very first time I felt serious runner's envy. I work fairly early so morning runs are tought for me to squeeze in. I am always a little bit jealous of the people who have schedules that allow them to run at 7:30 in the morning, but today was different. I was seriously pissed as I watched so many people enjoying their leisurely run when I can't run. I don't know how those of you that have had injuries that prevent you from running weeks and even months do it. I don't even think I actually need to run right now. It just sucks knowing that I can't!


Billy Burger said...

Believe you me, I hear ya on the whole runner's envy thing. Hang in there - and x-train, x-train, x-train in the meantime!

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