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I am really counting my blessings right now. I think I lucked out with my foot big time! I went from barely being able to walk two weeks ago, to testing my foot out on a VERY short run this Thursday. With my taped on orthotic, I walked on the treadmill for 1/2 a mile and then decided to see how it would feel to run a mile. I felt pretty good, but I decided to not push it. I did walk a few more miles with zero pain after. I am so excited! I am still going to take it slow for the next few weeks, but at least I can try a few short runs!

I am still undecided about the New York Marathon. I think I will start a modified training plan in a few weeks and make a decision closer to the race. There is a half marathon in Boulder in September called the Indian Summer Half around the Boulder Resevoir that I am almost 99% sure I will run. I love racing in new locations, and the last three miles are suppose to have fantastic views of the flatirons. only $50 it is much cheapter than running the Denver Half in October!


Billy Burger said...

Do take it easy Lindsey. Don't be an idiot like me and come back too fast too soon while ignoring what your foot's trying to tell ya.

Tough one about NYC...hopefully, your foot will be a-OK from here on out and you'll be able to go cross that off your list and then of course, Boston!

Lindsey said...

After your injury, were you running too many miles or running them too fast? I wouldn't even be thinking about training right now if it wasn't for getting into NY this year. Three marathons in a year was definitely not my intended goal when I signed up for SF in October of last year!

Billy Burger said...

My injury stems from trying out barefoot/minimalist running a couple of months back. You're really supposed to ease into it but I think it was a combo of running them too fast AND me just having really flat feet.

As far as training goes, look at this way Lindsey...after a long run of 20 miles you can pretty much eat anything you want - guilt-free!

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