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Long Run Sunday - 20 miles

Last Sunday was the longest distance I have run to date...20 miles. Dave and I had planned on meeting at 7:30 to drive down to the Highline Canal in Denver. As I was heading down to meet Dave out front, I get a text message "Just locked keys in car." My building has a five minute loading zone circle that people can use, and sure enough Dave's car is there with his house and car keys locked in. Lucky for us, his building is next door so we walked over to see if his neighbor was home. Nope, no neighbor. We asked the front office attendant if we could leave the car for a few hours. Nope, they suggested we pay $60 for a locksmith to come out and open it. I asked the hubby if he had any suggestions, and he said what about using the ladder.

We hauled our little 4 foot ladder over to Dave's place and both of the guys were able to jump to the balcony from the ladder. Fun stuff, but no way was I going to give it a try!! I would need a little more upper body strength for that trick. Needless to say, our 8:00 start became a 10:00 start. I was really nervous and wanted to bail on the run, but Dave suggested we just knock it out.

I knew the weather would be a big factor for this run, so we parked in the middle of the trail. We ran the first 12 miles out and back one direction. Re-filled our water bottles at 12 and headed out the opposite direction for the last 8. The weather was definitely a factor, but we took things slow and miles started to go by faster. The hardest part of this run for me was between 14-16. It felt like those last 6 would take forever. I pushed through, and mile 19 and 20 were actually my fastest miles of the run. By mile 18, I felt like I had mentally checked out from my body which was nice, but a feeling I had never experienced before.

By the time we got done, it was almost 80 degrees out. I am very happy to be DONE with my first 20 miler. Only two more to go till San Fran!!


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