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Long Run Sunday and Travel Update

Last weeks long run was a cut back week, which meant I only had to run 14 miles. It still amazes me how much I look forward to ONLY having to run 14 miles. It seems so much shorter! I decided to head up to Boulder for something different this weekend. I ran the Teller Farms Trail/East Boulder Trail out and back. This is a fairly difficult route because it very hilly. The nice part is it has rolling hills instead of just one giant hill like so many other trails. I started at 7:30 to try and beat the heat, but this trail has little to no sun cover and I was out of water by mile 12. :( My legs were much more sore from this run than my 20 mile run last weekend. I hope those hills pay off in San Fran in 3 weeks.

Travel Upate

The hubs and I and two friends are headed here for the 4th of July weekend!

That's right, we are headed to the great city of Chicago. I am so excited to visit our friends out there. I have never been to Chicago so we have lots of touristy stuff planned. Here is the list so far:

  • Cubs game
  • Watch the fireworks at Navy Pier
  • Architecture boat tour
  • Shopping on Michigan Avenue (Must stop at H&M!)
  • Dinner at their favorite sushi restaurant
  • Visit Sears Tower, Millennium and Lincoln Park
  • Spend time along the beach

If you have any other must see suggesstions, send them my way!


Anonymous said...

So fun! My sister lives in Chicago and we visit often. Last summer, we did a lot of new things, but my FAVORITE was going to Second City for a comedy show! Definitely worth every penny! I laughed for 3 hours straight. :)

Have fun!!

Kaneil, balanceisbest

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