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So, I think I am going to run a marthon...

When I tell people I am going to run the San Francisco marathon, the next question is always the same, "why San Francisco, what about the hills?"

This always makes me laugh a little because it doesn't surprise people that I would choose to run a marathon, but they can't believe I would choose to run the first one in San Francisco. Frankly, I don't blame them! I can't believe my first marathon will involve 26.2 miles of hills.

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So, how did San Francisco get selected? I'll start off by saying this was not my decision. One of my best friends, Jess, ran the San Diego marathon in 2008. As soon as she started talking about running another one, San Francisco was at the top of her list. Running buddy, Dave, jumped on bard the San Fran bandwagon, and the next thing I know I am signing up to run my FIRST MARATHON in San Francisco.

The one thing that really concerns me about this marathon are the infamous hills. I have incorporated some hill training, but probably not enough (My relationship with hills will have to be another post). The thing that most excites me about this marathon is that the course runs along almost every main site and attraction in San Francisco. The way I look at it at I am getting a 26.2 mile self-guided tour! I just won't be able to snap as many photos along the way.


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